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How To host the Raingutter Regatta

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How To host the Raingutter Regatta
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General Info:

If you do it again in 2010, it will be the 5th annual. I usually change out the annual number and type in each award name and print out two copies. The award names are to the left of the live area.

Since the Judges' Award has only one line, I use the pre-prepared award that is below the live area.

Also, as a bonus, to the right of the live area are vector versions of all of the rank logos.

For the event, we usually hold it the Wednesday night the week before school starts. This way it won't be too crowded and the pool can help set aside area for our event. I usually go over to the pool and ask for the supervisor to schedule the event. I also have contact information for Allen Glaubitz (Irving pool supervisor) at 972-721-2501, cell 469-446-0201, email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For a second contact, I have Walter Ritchie at 972-721-2501.

They also have given us the Irving citizen price for all of us in the past. They collect for adults and siblings and we pay them for all attending Scouts. We also prearrange for several of the lifeguards to be the judges for our event. (should take 10-15 minutes)

For the races, someone will need to check in the boats and add number stickers to the boats, keeping a list by den with each Scout and their boat number. The boats await the races in the marina (a kiddie pool). The Design Judges (lifeguards) will decide on all of the awards by reviewing the boats in the marina before the races begin. Design awards are given out between the den races and the final elimination races.

These races are more fun and informal than the pinewood derby. We run by den, usually in 3s. We give each Scout a Regatta patch and then we have 1st, second and third place ribbons.

In the final elimination races, all first place boats race again until we have the final three who race for first, second and third place Regatta medals.

After the races, the boys can race against each other for fun and swim until the pool closes.



Kiddie pool
Hose (to fill up the tracks)
Towels (to help balance tracks if needed)
Regatta tracks and "horse" stands (4 of each)
Paper pads (for check-in and race results recorder and design judges)
Dot stickers (to add numbers to boats)
Wacky nautical hat (for emcee)
Design Awards - 2 sets and 4 of Judge's Award - The extra set is back-up in case a mistake is made. Judges Award can be given to multiple Scouts)
Blue 1st Place Regatta ribbons
Color Ribbons for 2nd and 3rd place (can get at Walmart)
Regatta medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place
Regatta patches for each Scout





3 months before

  1. Schedule the date and time (usually the Wednesday before school starts from 6pm - 8pm with races at 7pm)
  2. Put on pack calendar

6 weeks before

  1. buy boats (one for each registered boy)
  2. pass out boats to den leaders
  3. remind den leaders of event date/time
  4. Call the pool supervisor to schedule our event in the west part of the park near the snack bar and see if we still get Irving resident pricing for all.

3 weeks before

  1. send out e-mail on next page announcing event and rules
  2. secure and test track for leaks
  3. locate or secure other supplies
  4. Buy patches/awards
  5. Print out design awards

Event Day

  1. Arrive a little early to set up/fill up tracks

Here is the e-mail I sent out to the den leaders a few weeks before the event:

Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders:

Would you please send the communication below to your Scouts about the upcoming Raingutter Regatta & Swimming Event.
Also, if you haven't already, please distribute the boat kits to your Scouts. After the race, you can return any unused kits from Scouts you were unable to reach or were unable to participate.



Hi Scouts and Parents,

Our fourth annual Raingutter Regatta and Swimming Event will take place on Wednesday night, August 19th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Cimarron Family Aquatic Center in Valley Ranch. Races start at 7:00, so please arrive early so your boat can be checked in and judged by the design judges.

Admission for Scouts is free. Unless you already have a season pass to the aquatic center, the price for other family members is $2 for kids 12 and under and $3 for adults. Please identify yourself as being from Pack 873 to insure that you are charged this resident rate.

The purpose of our Regatta and Swimming Event is to get our current Scouts together for some fun before school starts and new recruits are added to the pack. This is a relatively quick race and not intended to be as seriously competitive as the Pinewood Derby might be.

By now, the Scouts should have received their boat kits from their den leaders. If not, please contact your den leader to make plans to get your boat kit.

When Scouts arrive, they should check in at “The Dock” to sign in for the race. Scouts can then sail their boats in “The Marina” (our wading pool).

Boats must be newly built this summer from the provided kit and must be single-hull boats. Please decorate the boats using waterproof paint and/or decorations. Sail may be trimmed and shaped, but may not be larger than the material provided. Be sure to glue it tightly to the mast since you will be blowing on the sail to move your boat. You can add material and items (like figurines) to the hull or mast, but keep in mind that lighter boats will generally be faster.

The race will involve two sets of “raingutter” half pipes on a table or sawhorses. We plan to use only 3 of the 4 raingutters for racing, with the 4th to be used as a practice track.

The back of each boat must touch the back of the raingutter before the race can begin. When “go” is shouted, the Scouts blow air on the boats to move them through the water. Hands must be kept behind the Scouts back. Scouts may not use their faces, lips, hats, nose or other body parts to move the boat -- just their lung power! If the boat tips over or gets stuck, one of the line judges is allowed to upright the boat without advancing it forward. The boats must touch the opposite end of the raingutter pipe to complete the race.

Scouts will race in groups of three, beginning with the oldest Scouts (Webelos 2) and working their way down to the youngest Scouts (Wolves). This gives the Wolves a chance to observe and understand how the race works before it is their turn to race. Depending on number of participants, final races in the initial heats could have two racers instead of three.

All participating Scouts will receive this year’s Raingutter Regatta patch.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons will be given for each initial race.

1st place winners will participate in the 2nd round races. Additional races will be held if needed to reduce the field to 3 racers for the final round. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals will be given to the final round racers.

After the races, all tracks will be open for Scouts to participate in their own races.

Before the final race is run, awards will be given out at our award ceremony. Selected award Judge(s) will be impartial and not be composed of parents or relatives of Pack 873 Scouts. Judges have the discretion to award any or all of the awards listed below.

BEST THEME AWARD – for best theme (independent of design)
BEST DESIGN AWARD – for best design
BEST MARITIME THEME – for decoration most like an actual boat
TRUE SCOUT AWARD – for the best Cub Scout-related decoration
MOST SPARTAN AWARD – for the most minimal decoration
JUDGES AWARD – a discretionary award given by the Judge(s) for a category to be specified.

Awards given by the line judges:
STORM AT SEA AWARD – given to the boat that had the toughest time making it to the end
DAVY JONES LOCKER AWARD – given to a boat that tipped over, sunk and/or couldn’t make it to the end in the worst way.

Thanks again for participating in this year’s event! Hopefully everyone will enjoy the race and swimming at our Valley Ranch pool. See you on Wednesday!


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